September 15, 2009

Farewell Summer, Hello Fall!

Posted in Summer Scents at 1:46 pm by April

This past summer has been one of extreme temperatures and I’ve found myself enjoying some fresh, fruity, and floral scents that I’d otherwise have steered clear of, had the weather not been so daunting. From the obligatory body sprays (for use on days when the thermostat crawled past 100 degrees), to some very light and refreshing eau de parfums, here is a look at some of the scents (both new and old) that I’ve discovered and enjoyed over the past few months.

Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior

This one is a given; ask any young woman wearing a flirty skirt and a smile if she’s a fan of MDC and you’ll most likely get a passionate, “YES!” in response. It’s a perfume with a fan base that’s well-deserved. Though I didn’t quite fall for its charms immediately; it was only a matter of time before this patchouli-strawberry-rose, chypre concoction (that reminds me of strawberries and champagne with a bit of chilled pineapple), and which was composed by the talented Christine Nagel, ensnared my affections. Light, fruity, and sweet though still fresh, this is a perfume that’s capable of chasing the clouds away and calling forth the sun. I don’t know that it will get much use in the coming months, but it will be back on my dresser in all its cheerful innocence come spring of next year.

Rose Absolute by Yves Rocher

Though it took some time to actually receive this perfume once I’d ordered it (I’ll state very simply that Yves Rocher’s customer service is about the worst I’ve ever encountered), I was quite happy with it once the bottle found its way into my hands. I thought its citrus-y rose and patchouli notes paired well with its sweet tonka undertones to create something fresh, tart, powdery, and fun. The rose itself in Rose Absolute is thick, full, and fresh – very green and inviting, and it managed to maintain its freshness even though the rest of the scent had an almost (and I stress the word almost) gourmand feel. I wore this on days when the sun was shining but it wasn’t swelteringly hot, and I could find enough solace in the shade to enjoy something just slightly sweet and green.

L’eau d’Issey eau de parfum by Issey Miyake

Okay, so I missed the boat for this one in my teenage years when fresh aquatics were all the rage and I was consumed with the heavy-incensey-dirty-spicy-ambery scents that were CK Obsession and the like. But – this is far more beautiful than any aquatic I’ve yet to encounter and it may just be because I enjoy it in EDP form, instead of the more popular EDT, but I actually find L’eau d’Issey to be more floral than aquatic, at least until the dry-down. What begins as a burst of creamy carnation and lilies, eventually reveals melon and cedarwood; both of which add to the freshness of the flowers, while creating more depth and adding layers to this seamlessly blended classic. I was assaulted with L’eau d’Issey by the sprays of an over-eager SA at the Nordstrom Fragrance Festival this past spring, and though annoyed at the time, I’m quite thankful for the chance encounter with a fragrance I’d have otherwise overlooked due to the genre in which it’s been placed.

Something About Sofia by Benefit

This was a recent purchase and while I’ve mentioned it in another post, I’ll go into further detail about the scent itself, here. First off, Sofia opens with a burst of mango-guava sweetness. This is a floral oriental fragrance that is fruitier than most in its class, with floral and sweet aspects held together by tropical fruit. There is a big, bright, orange lily in the center of the composition, and sweet vanilla and white caramel make for an intoxicating dry-down. Though I compare it to D&G’s The One, it is more polished and offers more depth and personality than its predecessor, and this is one that will transition nicely into the autumn months and perhaps into winter, as well. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that several floral-oriental fragrances with lily in the heart and vanilla in the base, seem to take on a bubble-gum effect? It’s not a bad thing, just a curious one…

Beauty Rush Frostea Body Mist by Victoria’s Secret

It’s been a very long time since I purchased a body mist from Victoria’s Secret prior to this past summer, so I was a bit shocked when I encountered the array of body mists and perfume sprays while browsing for unmentionables. Being the sniffer that I am, I couldn’t let the newer bottles go untested so I picked up what was within reach and ended up leaving with both this one, and an old favorite (Pear Glace). Unlike the regular line of Beauty Rush body mists, which are part alcohol and part oil, this one is a normal alcohol-based body mist that doesn’t require shaking before spraying. Frostea smells undeniably familiar and it took awhile to pin the smell down as Lipton Brisk Iced Tea; however, the dry-down of Frostea (which lasts a surprisingly long time, I might add) is more complex and spicier than I expected it to be – always a good thing. While not the freshest of summer body mists, Frostea is a fun scent to have in one’s collection and one that made me smile as I remembered that cheap iced tea that I’d consumed at the summer lake parties and beach bonfires of my youth.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the fruity florals and refreshing aquatics of these past summer months and I also hope you’re looking forward to the spicy, woody scents of fall as much as I am!


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